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Destination Beauty Intelligence

The success of my client relationships is a direct result of consistent two-way communication, and expertise in the industry allowing ample space for new ideas and innovative brand reach. My hands on approach to brands provide an overall proactive, energized approach creating a genuine partnership to  the client relationship.
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Business of Beauty

I am a full-service beauty expert, I provide unique, thoughtful and innovative solutions to beauty brands, specializing  in integrated and engaging campaigns garnering maximum exposure for your brand.

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Social Media

“I am a beauty industry guru that invokes results.”

With years of experience in the business and a  social media following that actively seeks beauty content and information, I give engaging relevance and shine the spotlight to brands I trust and use daily. I consider both your brand and the audience, appreciating the diversity in the various values for an effective and dynamic social strategy.

Brand Loyalty 

“I work with brands that echo the same values and beliefs I have, which is making people informed and feel beautiful .” 

I treat brand loyalty as a long-term partnership, where I will consistently add value to your business because of my expertise in the industry, and the trust and  influence I yield with my followers.

Video Tutorials

“Credibility is of ultimate importance.”

How awesome would it be to have your very own brand glam expert showcasing your products to potential customers? I produce honest, high quality, professional, maximum impact tutorials. I don’t just showcase your products I teach people how to use them, empowering them to be their own beauty expert.

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