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Client: It’s A 10
Tasks: Beauty Tutorial

Enriched with highly effective smoothers and moisturizers, the Blue Collection delivers softer, more manageable hair with each and every use. From daily shampoo and conditioner, to a deep-penetrating hair mask, and our famous Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, the products within the Blue Collection utilize natural ingredients such as:
Sometimes, despite all our best intentions, hair needs a little (or a lot of) extra help. Whether it’s years of color treatments or heat styling, our Potion 10 Collection is meant to be the magic elixir to gives hair a new start.
Make styling clients easier with our It’s a 10 Potion Collection. Prep the hair with the Potion Miracle Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to protect hair from styling damage as well as enhancing body and shine. Gently mist potion 10 leave in conditioner through wet hair after cleaning and comb through Section out hair and Spray miracle blowdry volumizer generously on to clean, damp hair prior to styling. Focus on roots and work evenly through to ends.
Work miracle styling serum through hair prior to blow-drying Create tension on subsections and begin blow drying product into hair. Over Direction when blow drying for additional volume. Section out hair into 4 quadrants.
Grab bottom quadrant spray the super hold finishing spray plus keratin,

Apply to dry styles from 12-18 inches away. Then with a 1 inch curling iron begin curling hair in all one direction When top of head is reached, spray Keratin Finishing Spray at root and begin to tease hair for added volume and lived in appearance. Then tease sides and smooth hair out. Braid the left side of the hair to the right side of the head and begin twisting and pinning updo into place. Style your way to fabulous with It’s a 10 products See the difference and learn why it’s a 10 everytime.

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