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Client: Colortrak
Tasks: Beauty Tutorial

Unicorn, sand art, opal, and grey hair – these are just a few of the fantasy color trends we’ve adored this year. Fortunately for us, these fashionable shades have now commercialized themselves into a lifestyle. Purple roots to a magenta end is not at this point, a far from ordinary hair color.  As hairstylists, we absolutely love how all of these styles complement our craft and give clients a versatile option. It sparks our vision and takes our abilities to new heights, as well as recapping our core colors and how to intertwine them. So far this year, color is key, and whether it’s grey, pastel or purple to magenta, the bolder the better!

Formula A: Pravana ChromaSilk Violet

Formula B: Pravana ChromaSilk Violet + Conditioner

Formula C: Pravana ChromaSilk Magenta

Formula D: Pravana ChromaSilk Magenta + Conditioner

1. Using 4 separate Colortrak Color Bowls, add Violet to one, Violet and conditioner to the second, Magenta to the third and Magenta and conditioner to the fourth. Creating two vivid colors and two-controlled pastel like colors.

2. Using Feather Bristle Brushes, start at the top of the head with Formula A and melt to Formula B through the entire head.

3. Using a comb, brush and blend the color down.

4. At the ends of the hair use Formula C and Formula D and penetrate product into hair.

5. Between each section, use Cling-free Haircoloring Film to help sections from bleeding.

6. Wash hair and style as desired.


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